Hi! This is an Austrian Slackware mirror! Slackware is one of the oldest linux distributions still in active development. If you want further information on Slackware please visit www.slackware.com or read what Wikipedia has to say about it. For stats about the server itself have a look at http://mirror.inode.at

Slackware-current is synced at least once a day.

You can get slackware via:

If you're looking for other slackware mirrors which often update the -current tree you might want to look at alphageek's server list.

Drop questions/comments/whatever to mirror@inode.at. Please note that I'm not able to give general linux/slackware support because I'm usually rather busy. There are many forums on the internet where you can find help, for example the one at linuxquestions.org. If you can't get hold of me here then try contacting me through online-casino-osterreich.at my Austrian online casino website.

Es gibt auch ein größeres Slackware-Forum in Deutsch.

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